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On April 22, 2023, over one billion people across 190 countries around the world celebrated Earth Day, or International Mother Earth Day, as it’s known outside of the U.S. Earth Day is a celebration and a commitment to the protection of our sacred natural resources. We’re reminded of the importance of access to clean water, […]

Cherry Blossom Canopy under the stars A daytime moon reminded me of the orbits we make, seemingly random, and sometimes intentional. I arrived in Appalachia mid-March when the trees were just budding. By the fifth day of my adventure, the cherry blossoms had arrived. In the distance, I could see the glowing white of a […]

What’s in a day? When I first arrived in the Appalachian Mountains mid-March, wisps of green and pinkish hues filled the views. There was a distinct air of impatience, of waiting for Spring to arrive. I was clearly in an eager-state-of-mind. I was ready to be awed and inspired.   The first sunset was impressive. […]

An American Icon: Bison Growing up on the east coast of the U.S., my first interaction with Bison was from a 1980s’ computer game called Oregon Trail. I remember the distinct shape drawn in 8-bit glory. They were plentiful in the game, and as a child, when I learned they we dwindling in population, I […]